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Service Details

Snow and Ice Managements

Service Details

Snow and Ice Managements

If winter weather is not properly managed, it can be a liability. We work for our community to provide local, environmentally friendly, preventative and reactive winter weather services. Customers must reside in and surrounding Dundee, IL.

Weather Monitoring

Be prepared ahead of the storm.

We monitor upcoming weather through several subscription-based weather services. By having trained meteorologists advising us every step of the way, we can properly plan services in accordance with the weather conditions we can expect.

Liquid Application

De-icing service 100% free of Granular Sodium Chloride

SV Enterprises currently operates with a fleet of chemical application trucks. Our liquid application trucks range in size from 300 gallons to 2,200 gallons. We make our brine in-house and have storage for up to 25,500 gallons at any given time. Depending upon weather conditions, we can mix an environmentally safe additive into our brine, which provides effective deicing up to -35º F.

Granular Application

De-icing service containing Granular Sodium Chloride

Our granular application trucks can carry 4-15 tons and are equipped with a liquid pre-wet system. This additional system allows the salt granules to disolve faster and can de-ice up to -35º F. Our salt barn holds up to 1,000 tons at any given time, where we store both regular rock salt and pre-treated salt.

Our Equipment

All equipment is owned by our company – we do not subcontract.

SV Enterprises takes pride in the upkeep of our state-of-the-art, high-efficient, snow removal equipment and in our mission to be environmentally responsible. Live edge snow removal equipment follows the contours of the pavement and obtains the cleanest scrape possible. Being able to remove most of the snow and ice with our equipment, means we use fewer de-icing chemicals.

Premium Services

Work smarter, not harder.

We apply a pre-treatment chemical to help prevent snow and ice from bonding with pavement. Prepping with this pre-treatment makes it even easier for our snow removal equipment with live edge plows to get the closest scrape. Being able to remove most of the snow and ice with our equipment, means we use fewer de-icing chemicals.
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Service Details

Dumpster Rental

Service Details

Dumpster Rental

No job is too big or too small – We offer a container solution for every type of clean-out. All units are affordably priced and promptly delivered often the same day. Just choose the correctly sized dumpster for your preferred duration of time and we’ll take care of delivery and pickup.

How to Rent a Dumpster in 4 Easy Steps

1. Schedule Your Rental

We'll find the right dumpster for you at an affordable rate, and get your rental on the schedule.

2. Prepare for Delivery

You don't need to be there for drop-off, but make sure the area is clear of any obstructions.

3. Fill Your Dumpster

You can typically keep your dumpster from 5-10 days, giving you plenty of time to clean up.

4. Schedule Your Pickup

Request a date for pickup using our simple online form, and we'll haul everything away.

Container Rentals

Choose from one of our common dumpster sizes below or give us a call and we’ll make sure you get the right fit.

12 Yard Containers

Size: 12’ Long x 8’ Wide x 42” Tall

Time: Up to 4 Days
Price: $285 (Includes First 1.5 Tons)

Time: Up to 7 Days
Price: $315 (Includes First 1.5 Tons)

Over 1.5 Tons

6 Yard Containers

Size: 9’ Long x 8’ Wide x 24” Tall

Time: Up to 7 Days
Price: $259 (Includes First 1.5 Tons)

Over 1.5 Tons

6 Yard Containers

Size: 11’ Long x 7.5’ Wide x 18” Tall

Time: Up to 60 Minutes
Price: $229 (Includes First 1/2 Ton)

Over 1/2 Ton

The driver waits (does not assist with loading). Over 60 minutes, an additional charge of $2.00/minute per laborer (includes travel) will apply.
Manual Labor Assistance for Loading: $1.00/minute per laborer (includes travel).

4 Yard Containers

Size: 11’ Long x 7.5’ Wide x 18” Tall

Time: Up to 7 Days
Price: $259 (Includes First 1.5 Tons)

One Material of the Following:
– Uncontaminated Soil
– Landscape Debris
(Leaves, Grass, Green Waste)
– Broken Concrete

Dump Trucks and Skid Loaders

For heavier material haul-away’ s such as concrete/ asphalt driveway removal, pool excavation, excess materials from construction projects etc., we can provide one of our heavy-duty dump trucks with a skid loaders.

Additional Add-ons

Burning in Container

On Site Relocation Fee
$85.00 minimum

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Service Details

Landscape Materials

Service Details

Landscape Materials

Different types of landscaping materials provide unique benefits and functionality. Choose the materials that are perfect for your project from our wide selection of high-quality topsoil, garden blends, mulch types, sand, gravel and stone options. Feel free to call today to discuss your needs with one of our expert salespeople to determine the right type and amount of material for your BIG project.
Please call (847) 426-6751 Today to place your order.


Choose from the options below and check out our price sheet for pricing information. To place your order call (847) 426-6751. All prices include tax and are subject to change without notice.
Pulverized Topsoil
Rich black soil screened and pulverized until fine and loose for great workability. The organic materials in this soil make it perfect for agriculture, lawn seeding and sod projects.
Sugar Mix
A blend of pulverized topsoil and compost which is pulverized and screened. Great for flower and vegetable gardens.
Garden Mix
A blended mix of pulverized topsoil, sand and screened compost. This mixture is great for planting flowers and gardens where a bit more drainage and loose soils are needed.
Rough Dirt
Rough dirt is commonly used to create berms (mounded hills of soil). Typically require a machine to work with this grade of topsoil
Our aged compost is a mixture of straw, wood shavings and horse manure. We highly recommend using our compost to amend your existing soil. Our compost is screened


Choose from the options below and check out our price sheet for pricing information. To place your order call (847) 426-6751. All prices include tax and are subject to change without notice.
Double Ground
A blend of hardwoods, double ground mulch is a great ground cover material that helps with weed suppression, water retention and erosion control.
Triple Ground Aged
A mixture of hardwoods, triple ground aged mulch is naturally brown in color and is the best for newly installed plants.
Dyed Red
Add vibrant color around trees and flowerbeds. Using environmentally- safe colorants, dyed red mulch maintains its color throughout the season.
Wood chips
Wood chips are generally larger and thicker than mulch which provide a ground cover, moisture retention for plants and repress weed growth.
Playground Chips Certified
Certified playground chips act as a soft, springy cushion to minimize the impact of falls. These certified chips are ideal for parks, schools, and playgrounds. This material should be installed at 8-9” deep.

Sand / Stone

Choose from the options below and check out our price sheet for pricing information. To place your order call (847) 426-6751. All prices include tax and are subject to change without notice.
Torpedo Sand
Torpedo sand is coarse sand that drains very well. Thus, it can be used for backfill, paver base, horse riding arenas and more.
Pool/Mason/Play Sand
Referred to as “all-purpose”, mason sand has several functions. Fine graded sand which can be used as a play sand, under pool liners, horse riding arenas, broomed into pavers and much more.
Limestone Screenings
“Screenings” are used to compact into a hard surface and is best for bike/walk paths and horse stable arenas and more.
Pea Gravel
Pea gravel is ¼” rounded washed stone. Uses include structural drainage, drain tile fill, rock gardens, patios, walkways and dog runs.
Septic Stone
Washed, 1 ¼” – 2″ round stone. Great for paths and walkways, dog runs, septic field backfill planting beds, aquascape projects and many more.
Mini River Rock
Washed, 3/4″ round stone. Great for paths and walkways, dog runs, planting beds, aquascape projects and many more.
Grade 8 Gravel
Crushed, limestone gravel with a size of 3/4″ to fines. Grade 8 gravel is used in road construction and as a base under driveways, horse riding arenas, paver patios and more.
Grade 9 Gravel
Crushed gravel 3/4″ to fines. Grade 9 gravel is used in road construction and as a base under driveways, riding arenas, paver patios and more.
Sand / Stone
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Service Details

Landscape Installation

We care about your Landscape Installation project as much as you do and we’ll do everything.

With our talented and skilled staff, you can trust SV Enterprises for all your residential or commercial landscaping design needs. Our fully licensed and insured designers offer a variety of landscape design services. We can provide you with creative and innovative landscaping services, implemented by our professional staff, that will surely make your property a work of art. We strive to take care of our local communities by utilizing economically responsible methods and products.

Small landscaping jobs make excellent DIY projects. Things like planting trees and flowers can be accomplished by the weekend DIYer. However, having a professional install a flower bed, regrade the land and put in the shrubs means you’ll have a guarantee on the work and often the plants. For professional guaranteed work, contact us for a free quote.


There are options when you want to create a turf of your choice, to fit any budget.

Turf Services

We will prepare your lawn for optimal new grass growth from seeds. This method is more cost effective than sod, but results will not be immediate.

Turf Services

Sod Installation
A quicker alternative to growing grass from seeds. Rather than having to wait for your grass seeds to grow and fill out, laying sod will create an instant field of lush green grass.

Additional Services

Contact our experts to receive a free consultation for any project you can dream.

Driveway Grading

Whether you’re installing a new gravel driveway or refreshing an existing one, our exert staff can help. Contact us to discuss the best option for your property.

Material Haul Away

We can haul any pile of fill. If you have a machine that can load one of our dump trucks, we can easily schedule a pick-up according to the size of your job. If you don’t, we have skid loaders and other equipment to load it for you.

Stump Removal

Contact us for a free quote. We have all the right equipment to grind and remove pesky stumps taking up real estate on your property.


Have a project that requires a bobcat? We have the bobcats. Contact us for more information
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Service Details

Christmas Light Installation

It just doesn’t feel like Christmas until you see twinkling lights hanging from your home and neighborhood. We can design and decorate any size home to your liking. Whether it’s roofline, landscape, or tree lighting, we will turn your home into a festive winter wonderland. Our staff of Christmas light installers are experts in the field of residential Christmas light installation and holiday decorating. We will be happy to provide you with decorating ideas or turn your existing ideas into a reality. Get started with a free estimate and design consultation today!

Residential Christmas Light Installation Includes:

Design Consultation:

Your holiday lighting vision begins with a complimentary design consultation. We customize each design to make your display merry and bright. You can meet with our professional Christmas light installers to discuss specific looks, or we can help you come up with ideas. We will provide a mockup of your home fully decorated, so you know exactly what to expect before it’s even decorated!


Our fully licensed and insured installers have the tools and experience to do the job right. We are CLIPA certified, and every light installer has been fully trained to properly install all your Christmas light displays with precision and ease. We guarantee all lighting will be installed securely and with quality care (weather permitting).


Once the season has come to an end, our crew will be back to uninstall your displays with the same attention to detail and care as your installation (weather permitting).

LED Light Installations

LED Mini Warm White

LED Mini Red and Cool White

LED Linkables

LED Displays




Mix and Match decorations to build as big or small of a lighting display as you want!





Schedule your Installation Today!

Use our form to reserve your date or call us at (847) 426-6751.